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Join us for our final concert of the season as apart of 
The Beck Center Diversity Celebration
May 5th & 6th @ 7:30PM.  Ticket information below. 

MadJax Dance Company presents Reflective Images, a collection of works describing a woman's journey in life.  An exploration of power, strength, and independence, contrasted against vulnerability, pain, and healing.  Reflective Images invites you to explore how you see yourself in your own life journey.  


This newly developed company now moving into their third season provides a thought-provoking perspective on traditional modern and jazz styles. 


​Choreographer and Director Madi Jackson weaves together her backgrounds in psychology and dance to create art...​

Art that compels. 
Art that speaks to racial injustice. 
Art that breaks boundaries. 
And beyond that, art that is inclusive

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