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MadJax Dance Company (MJDC) was created amidst a pandemic in June 2020. Furthering the community is as much a priority to MadJax Dance Company as getting on stage; making its mission to foster growth in others through training, performance, and interconnection. It is considered an all-level, multi-generational dance company allowing for inclusivity to all technical skill sets and abilities. 

Madi Jackson has a seamless way of bringing together performers interested in social activism and proudly boasts company members that lift up the world around them through philanthropy. 

Civic engagement is a pillar for the company and often a muse for its movement.


company class

Company class will take the form of workshops this year and  are  open to community members of all skill levels, with a majority of the proceeds benefitting civic nonprofits such as the Innocence Project.  Summer schedule: Tuesday's @ The Beck Center 7:45-8:45 (registration is required drop in is available).  

Join us outside at The Baltic Children's Park in Cleveland August 19th.  Open to all, no experience is required.  (more information soon)

Please reach out via our contact page to learn more.


MadJax Dance Company also invites community collaboration, creating one performance a year in conjunction with nondancers who have an interest in learning more about dance and want to experiment with movement in their own lives. 

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